About Us

Kim Melrose is a well known interior designer who has done iconic projects throughout the western United States, particularly in Southern California.  Years ago Kim became increasingly frustrated that he could not find beautiful, quality designer pillows to use in his design projects.  If he did find them, they might not be available in the quantity he needed or the price was a total budget buster.

So, Kim decided that he would have pillows made that he would hold in his inventory for use in his own design projects. He began holding the growing inventory in his design office, which is located inside Misty's Consignments Store in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Then other designers and the customers in Misty's started asking if they could purchase Kim's designer pillows.  And, that is how the business started.

Now Kim Melrose Designer Pillows serves designers throughout Southern California and homeowners all over the United States and Canada with its ever growing inventory of designer pillows.  The company currently has over 4,000 pillows on hand that can be picked up at their store within Misty's Consignments or shipped to any designer or customer in the US and Canada.